Where Does Wicked The Musical Take Place?

Wicked: The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz takes place in the Land Of Oz.  It’s plot begins before Dorothy’s arrival from Kansas (as told in the original story “The Wizard of Oz”).

It’s first act takes place largely at “Shiz University”, where a younger Elphaba (who will become “The Wicked Witch of the West”) becomes friends with Galinda (soon to be “Glinda”, or the Good Witch of the North).

The play then proceeds to the Emerald City, with many references to the original telling.  We don’t want to give away any spoilers here, but if you are interested in a more full telling of the plot, you can see the following useful links:



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Where Can I See Wicked the Musical?

Currently Wicked is performed in 4 locations (plus a long running national tour)

New York City – George Gerswhin Theater

Performing since 2003, this is the primary stage of Wicked the Musical.  Currently the 10th longest running show on Broadway.  WickedTickets.NYC specializes in tickets for the Gerswhin Theater performance (including discount tickets, which can sometimes be hard to come by).

West End of London – Apollo Victoria Theatre

The second longest running instance of “Wicked”, since 2006.

Sapporo, Japan – Hokkaido Shiki Theatre

Started just recently in May of 2016, this is quickly rising in popularity in London.

Daegu, South Korea – Keimyung Arts Center

The first Korean Language production of Wicked, this is just beginning its run (having started its run in May of 2016).  It will shortly be transferred from Daegu to Seoul, South Korea.