Wicked Characters

In Gregory Maquire’s Original Novel “Wicked, there were a grand total of 38 speaking characters.  However, for Wicked the Musical this was brought down to a total of 8 main characters in addition to some ancillary roles and the ensemble.  We’ve dedicated pages for each of the characters, so please click through to read about each.

  • Elphaba – (Jennifer DiNoia) – The eventual “Wicked Witch of the West”, this green girl is nicknamed Elphie.
  • Galinda/Glinda – (Carrie St. Louis) – The eventual “Good Witch”, full name Galinda Upland.
  • Madame Morrible – (Judy Kaye) – Headmistress at Shiz University.
  • Dr. Dillamond – (Michael Genet) – a talking goat, he is a professor at Shiz University.
  • Boq – (Zachary Piser) – a tall Munchkin.
  • Fiyero – (Michael Campayno) – A Prince, who is also a student at Shiz.
  • Nessarose – (Dawn E. Cantwell) – Elphaba’s sister, full name Nessarose Thropp.
  • Frex and Melina – parents of Elphaba and Nessarose.
  • Dorothy – From the Original Story of the Wizard of Oz.

Ancillary Characters include: Pfannee, Shen Shen, Chistery, and Professor Nikidik.


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